Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I love Pink and I love Berries.

Pinkberry. Tangy and cold. On a beautiful 82 degree day in Southern California, it's no wonder I've been excited to try this tasty treat. They have done nothing but dangle themselves in front of me. Gaslamp Quarter: Opening Spring 2008. Palm Desert: Opening Spring 2008. Well, ya know what? There's an open Pinkberry in Temecula. Yeah it's 60 miles from my house. But I'm half way there when I visit Husband at work! So after taking him a picnic lunch, I continued north on my pretend pilgrimage to Pinkberry (I wasn't exactly sure if I can consider myself a Pinkberry worshiper yet).
I found it in a strip mall on the north side of Winchester near a Trader Joe's. Okay, works for me. Wait! I could actually see a Pinkberry sign on a store that was OPEN FOR BUSINESS! It was time for my first Pinkberry. There were a few people in line in front of me. I had to wait a little longer. But I was in line inside! The Alessi items for sale on the wall were brightly lit but would not distract me from my mission. And then there was Ben. Ben, my first Professional Pinkberry Swirler created my virgin taste for me this afternoon.
I now know the answer to that burning question about my potential for Pinkberry devotion: possibly. I will patiently wait for the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel's Pinkberry to open to be sure. I only tried one yogurt with one topping. Green Tea with Yogurt Chips. I sat down on a pink melamine chair to taste my first spoonful. The previously soft yogurt chips made crispy by the frozenness of the light green yogurt were just like the ones I ate as a child. The color contrast was soothing. The natural pebble floor made me feel like I was outside, while the barely audible house music made me feel like I was down the street from a thumping nightclub. I liked the entire experience. I think the 80+ weather helped. But I want to try all the flavors. There's still original and coffee. And all the vivid diced fruits looked like they wanted to jump into the bowls of “swirly goodness.” But at least I have actually tried Pinkberry. Now maybe Husband won't think I'm a freak for anticipating its opening like a rock star coming in concert. Or maybe I will never live down driving to Temecula before the local store opened.

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